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who are we

Redefine, Recharge, Revolutionize

Embark on the EV revolution with Volthive Technologies, a pioneering force shaping the future of charging. Rooted in sustainability, our journey began 10 years ago with passionate engineers envisioning a cleaner, greener transportation system

Beyond history, our narrative unfolds as a relentless pursuit of innovation in the EV world. Fueled by a desire to redefine transportation, we provide cutting-edge charging solutions integrating seamlessly into daily life. Our story is a roadmap to a sustainable, efficient, and interconnected tomorrow, where every journey is charged with consciousness and brilliance. Welcome to Volthive, where ingenuity sparks progress.

How We Works

Professional Volthive Solution For You

Cutting Edge EV Chargers

We offer a wide range of products for both home and businesses, designed to provide reliable, safe and the best charging experience possible

Mobile & Cloud Solutions

Our all in one Mobile App and Business solution provides ultimate convenience on the go and seamlessly integrates with your existing systems

Installation & Maintenance

From site survey to complete installation and maintaining the EV chargers, we're your partner for seamless EV charger solutions and care


Fueling your success with expert insights. Backed with a decade of experience, our brilliant minds are here to help you find best EV solution to suit your needs


our vision

Power a Greener future One charge at a time

At Volthive, our vision is clear: to lead the charge towards a sustainable and greener future. We're committed to seamlessly integrating cutting-edge EV chargers into every aspect of your life, creating a world where sustainability is at the forefront of every journey.

Driven by innovation, we aspire to make electric vehicle adoption effortless and widely accessible. With every charge, we propel ourselves closer to a cleaner, more sustainable tomorrow. Join us in reshaping the way we move, as we take steps toward a brighter, eco-friendly world—one charge at a time.

our mission

Lead EV Transition Power future Together

In a landscape where 10% of vehicles on Canadian roads are already electric, a number that continues to grow annually, the demand for convenient charging infrastructure is clear. Presently, with only 20,000 charging stations across the country, there's a crucial gap that needs filling.

Our mission is to lead this transformation by delivering EV charging solutions directly to you, ensuring a seamless and easy transition. Committed to streamlining EV journeys, we aim to make sustainable travel not just feasible but also effortlessly convenient for every individual across Canada.

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